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"Que tenga buena mano!" The translation of this age-old Latin American expression is "may you have good fortune." It is used to convey a wish that the first transaction of the day bring good fortune to both buyer and seller.

Embracing this spirit of mutual goodwill, Patricia La Farge founded and named her Latin American import business Que Tenga Buena Mano in 1969. Her inventory includes antique, vintage, and contemporary items from the following product categories:

• Clothing and Accessories
• Furniture
• Jewelry
• Ornaments
• Religious Artifacts (masks, crosses, santos, altars and more)
• Textiles (weavings, needlework, beadwork and more)
• Toys

Patricia has spent nearly her entire adult life travelling throughout Latin American and collecting the folk art. Considered one of the most knowledgeable dealers in Latin American folk art, Patricia explains that folk artists usually come from a utilitarian background, for example, from making lamps or furniture. "At some point, if we are lucky, there is a shift. The creator becomes more artist than craftsperson, adding flavor and spark to tradition."

Through Que Tenga Buena Mano, Patricia seeks out the very best in Latin American folk art to share with folk art enthusiasts from around the world. So shop, enjoy, buy online, or schedule an appointment when you come to Santa Fe, New Mexico (USA).

"Que tenga buena mano!"

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